Thank you for your generous contribution! Thanks to you, the fight to impeach Andy Beshear and to win Brewed’s legal fights!

Brewed is a coffee shop, coffee seller, and small business in Lexington, KY . After the store came under attack due to its stand against Arbitrary and senseless covid policies, Brewed created a new way of fighting for the Liberty of Kentuckians. A business not afraid to risk it all to take down Tyrants, tyrants that leave a path of destruction, Brewed is not afraid to take the hits and fight until the bitter end, but we need your help. Not just donating if you can, but volunteering your time to help move legislation, and take down the little kings with which Kentucky has become overrun. If you want to go beyond your donation to help in the fight, message us on Facebook to join our group chat.

Any money not spent on the impeachment fight will be donated to Kentucky Liberty.